The Portuguese Fado, the Philipine Kundiman and How an Artist Arrived at an Idea

By floranteaguilar / November 20, 2010 / Kundiman / 3 Comments

The Portuguese fado and the Philippine kundiman are art forms that are tied to their national identities. But why does one flourish while the other languish?

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The Difference Between Harana and Kundiman

By floranteaguilar / November 9, 2010 / Harana, Kundiman, Most Popular / 23 Comments

If you are one of the Filipinos having a hard time distinguishing between harana and kundiman music, don’t be ashamed – you are not alone! It is very easy to confuse the two. It is common to hear people refer to ANY old Tagalog love song as kundiman or harana. Though I cringe every ti...

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The Different Stages of Harana (Serenading)

By floranteaguilar / October 28, 2010 / Harana, Most Popular / 7 Comments

During the filming of Harana the movie in late 2008, I had the opportunity to travel to remote provinces of the Philippines in search of master haranistas – the vanishing breed of expert singers skilled in the art of serenading. Serenading was particularly popular in the Philippine province...

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Florante’s Guitars

By floranteaguilar / October 15, 2010 / On Playing Classical Guitar / No Comments

Many have asked (mostly guitarists) what brand of guitar I use. Currently, I am using Cordoba Soloista flamenco guitar. I love the bite and the growl typically associated with flamenco guitars. It’s sounds great when I play with my ensemble Fandangueros. I’m also using a 2002 Fontanil...

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Concert “Disasters”: Getting Paid – in Quarters!

By floranteaguilar / October 13, 2010 / Concert "Disasters" / 2 Comments

Scene: Outlying provinces off Cebu, Philippines more than 15 years ago. I was on tour with a pair of ballet dancers, a classical pianist and a local singer named Phrolo. It was a Government Outreach Tour whose noble mission is to bring arts into far-flung provinces. About 4 stops in one day were ...

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Concert “Disasters”: Concerto for Guitar … and Lanzones!

By floranteaguilar / October 10, 2010 / Concert "Disasters" / 1 Comment

Scene: Orchestra pit of the Meralco Theater in Manila many years ago. Opening night of Philippine Repertory’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. It has a small guitar part which I was hired to play. It was a full orchestra but since it’s a play/musical, there were lots of breaks in be...

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What’s Up with My Name?

By floranteaguilar / October 8, 2010 / About / No Comments

Hello All. To most Filipinos, the name Florante Aguilar elicits a bit of a giggle. Some of the reactions I heard: 1) Is that for real? 2) Gotta be a stage name 3) Are you an illegitimate son? They are, of course, referring to Freddie Aguilar and Florante de Leon  – two of the best […]

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