The Creators

Alleluia Panis

Alleluia Panis  is the driving force behind Kulintang Arts, Inc. (Kularts) and respected elder artist in the US and the Philippines. She is an artist who is at home in both...

Wilfred Galila

Wilfred Galila explores and exploits various media for making art and telling stories.  As a filmmaker his works have been screened at the 23rd and 26th annual Los Angeles ...

Cast and Characters

June Arellano
As Adhara

Character inspired by the power of breath, wind and air.   Ladislao...

Becky Fazio
As Kimat

Character inspired by the power of lightning, electricity and fire. Rebe...

Jonathan Mercado
As Ig

Character inspired by fresh water of the lakes, rain and rivers. Jonatha...

Sammay Dizon
As Ragat

Character inspired by oceans and seas.

Alex Diaz de Fato
As Salima

Inspired by the characteristics of a volcano’s calm ...

Gregory Manalo
As Nico

Character is inspired by the symbiotic relationship of trees ...