Aswang – Mga Kwentong Halimaw


“ASWANG is inspired by Philippine ghosts stories that we enjoyed telling each other when we were growing up in the province. I wanted those creatures to come alive and tell their own stories from their point of view.”

Florante Aguilar, Composer, Lyricist, Writer


Aswang retells the stories of Philippine mythological monsters and how they came to be – in song form!

Manananggal, a mythical creature in Philippine folklore described as a woman capable of severing her upper torso and flying into the night, is presented within the context of colonial history. Also featured are the stories of the Tumao – a mysterious ape-like beast who roams the mountains of Mount Banahaw in Quezon Province, the Syokoy – a feared being of the dark seas, the Tikbalang – a trickster with a human body and the head of a horse, and the Lady in White of Balete Drive – a tormented soul wandering the streets of Quezon City. Their narratives beg the question – who is the real monster?


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