Photo by Paul Mori

Traversing the musical footprints between Spain, Latin America and the Philippines, Fandangueros’ compositions value tradition as well as its new iterations.

Fandangueros (formerly The Latin Filipino Connection) started out as an outfit to support Florante Aguilar’s commissioned compositions and projects. But the group’s identity evolved through Florante and Chus Alonso’s shared passion for their country’s traditional music – the Philippines and Spain respectively. While Florante’s nationalistic approach acknowledges its Spanish influence, Chus posits that the exchange goes both ways – that Spain’s music is also the beneficiary of many folk traditions from Latin America and beyond. Today, the band performs an instrumental blend of traditional music and its new iterations through their compositions. 

Band Members

Florante Aguilar
Chus Alonso
Flute & Laud
Sage Baggott
Greg Kehret
Double Bass