June Arellano

June ArellanoAs Adhara

Character inspired by the power of breath, wind and air.


Ladislao “June” Arellano was born in Bataan, Philippines. Inspired by street dancing, television, and performances by the Bayanihan Dance Company, he joined countless school productions and dance competitions. He trained at the Philippine Women’s University and New York’s Broadway Dance School He moved to SF and joined the Barangay Dance Company.

He is a lead dancer in  Parangal Dance Company since 2008 and performs in all of Parangal’ s major performances, including at the 6th Annual Las Vegas World Folk Dance Competition (2009), and at the SF Ethnic Dance Festival. He was a dancer for ODC Sandbox Dance Series and performed in Jay Loyola’s Tagabanua (2012), Palau’an Bird Call-Huni Ng Tandikan (2012), Maseg: Typhoon (2014) & film Sayaw directed by Cecilio Asuncion.