Jonathan Mercado

Jonathan MercadoAs Ig

Character inspired by fresh water of the lakes, rain and rivers.

Jonathan Michael Mercado Originally from San Jose, he moved to San Francisco to enjoy a diverse and city-oriented lifestyle. His Philippine folk dance experience includes SFSU’s Pilipino Cultural Night, and Barangay Dance Company. He was a featured performer in Jay Loyola’s Tagabanua, 2012 world premiere of Palau’an Bird Call-Huni Ng Tandikan, 2014 Maseg: Typhoon, and film Sayaw directed by Cecilio Asuncion.

He currently dances with Parangal Dance Company and Project M, an all-male hip-hop group. Mercado has passion and genuine love for dance, continually trying to grow and learn new dance styles to make him a well- rounded dance artist. “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”