Gregory Manalo

Gregory ManaloAs Nico

Character is inspired by the symbiotic relationship of trees growing on mountains and volcanoes—trees holding the mountain.

Greg is an Oakland native. He has performed with Alleluia Panis Dance Theatre in Ibig-Pulse of Desire at the Yerba Buena Garden Festival; Cherrie Moraga’s La Semilla Caminante, produced by Intersection for the Arts; Jason Magabo Perez You Will Gonna Go Crazy; POMO 2008 with Brother’s Keeper; in The Renaissance, directed by Marc Bamuthi Joseph; and Overseas Artists. In 2012, he performed in Brava Theater Center’s production of Cherrie Moraga’s play New Fire, San Jose Stage production of Jeannie Barroga’s Buffalo’ed.

He performed in Jay Loyola’ s Palau’an Bird Call-Huni Ng Tandikan and 2014 Maseg: Typhoon. His physical theater work is rooted in the Maestro Sonny Umpad’s Visayan Style Korto Kadena Eskrima System. By day, he is a Video Maker.