Alex Diaz de Fato

Alex Diaz de FatoAs Salima

Inspired by the characteristics of  a volcano’s calm exterior and fierce fire core, who can create earth/soil where life can grow. She is a character composite of several friends of Pinoy and other Asian, Latin American and African descent, who are gifted with the responsibility of seeing worlds beyond this physical one. Energies/entities they often call ‘ancestral spirits’. They describe this heavy gift, the ability to commune with ancestors. They struggle to keep balance particularly in the American society who view this ‘gift’ as a condition— an illness to be cured with by medication.

Alexandria embraces her ancestral roots, keeping culture alive through art. Growing up in L.A., she danced with Kultura Philippine Folk Arts while exploring world dance, classical ballet, contemporary dance, and hip hop. De Fato joined the inaugural B.F.A. dance program with Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet, and has performed in LINES’ String Quartet, and the Moroccan Project. Featured in works by Gregory Dawson, credits include:

Eclipsing Venus, Johannes Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations (#22), Solid Soil Beneath Our Feet, and On the Way to 16th St BART. Other principal roles include: Julia Adam’s Guttenberg’s Galaxy; Kultura’s Dance, Rhythm, Harmony: Mabuhay!; Alleluia Panis Dance Theatre’s Ibig: Pulse of Desire and You Will Gonna Go Crazy; and Jay Loyola’s 2012 world premiere of Palau’an Bird Call-Huni Ng TandikanTagabanua, and 2014 Maseg: Typhoon.