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ASWANG the Concert

Inspired by Philippine mythical creatures like the Manananggal, Tikbalang, Syokoy, Lady in White, and Tumao, ASWANG is a dramatized song cycle that debunks their common stories. Sung from the Aswang’s point of view, these entities of lore will come alive and tell the stories of how they came to be.

Featuring original music and libretto by Florante Aguilar, ASWANG is performed in  archaic Tagalog with English supertitles.

Charmaine Clamor as Manananggal
Kyle de Ocera as Isagani/Syokoy
Giovanni Ortega as Master of Ceremonies
Leon Palad as Tikbalang
Kristine Sinajon as Candida/Lady in White

Music performed by the Fandangueros
Florante Aguilar, Guitar
Chus Alonso, Flute and Laud
Sage Baggott, Percussion
Greg Kehret, Double Bass

Lighting Design by Kevin Myrick
Sound Engineer Chris Bell
Costume Design by Lara G. Waters
Co-Produced by Esperanza Catubig
Story by Florante Aguilar and Fides Enriquez
Directed by Fides Enriquez

This concert will be filmed as part of the upcoming ASWANG movie production.

A percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Center for the Babaylan Studies.


Listen to the Music

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